Reviews of COMAP's Mathematics: Modeling Our World (MMOW / ARISE)

Basic Information and Introduction

Mathematics: Modeling Our World is a Grades 9-12 curriculum developed by the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) in an NSF-funded project Applications Reform in Secondary Education (ARISE). The project was led by Solomon Garfunkel, Landy Godbold, and Henry Pollak. The main COMAP web site is and within that site the Mathematics: Modeling Our World curriculum is introduced here.

According to the description in the MMOW web pages, the curriculum presents mathematics the way we use it in real-life. As in real-life, MMOW's problems do not necessarily have perfect solutions, and MMOW strengthens the students' ability to solve problems by strategic thinking, trial and error and/or process of elimination, using calculators and computers, and working cooperatively. MMOW is designed to cover all the 1989 NCTM Standards at each level of the curriculum.

The MMOW web pages further descibe the curriculum through these key features: It is a Core curriculum, suitable for all students; it is an integrated curriculum, in which any unit may involve a mix of geometry, algebra, trigonometry, probability, or precalculus; and it is a context-driven curriculum, in which units are arranged by context rather than by mathematical topic.

Reviews and Commentary

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Local Activism

Experimenting With Math Education in Manhattan District 2. NYC HOLD News Alert, October 18, 2003.

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