Reviews of Saxon Math

Basic Information and Introduction

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Reviews and Commentary

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Emphasis on mastery of computation skills in 3rd grade textbooks submitted for 2007 Texas SBOE approval, summary chart comparing SRA Real Math (Wright/McGraw), Saxon Math (Harcourt), enVisionMATH (Scott-Addison), Texas Math (Houghton), Texas HSP Math (Harcourt), Think Math! (Harcourt), Texas Math (Macmillan), and Everyday Math (Wright/McGraw). By Education Research Analysts, Longview, TX. Everyday Mathematics is ranked worst in their analysis.

Math Programs in the Sonlight Curriculum (see Saxon Math).

A Daring Choice for a Mathematics Textbook, by Jay Mathews (WP, 011218); and If it isn't broken..., by Debra Saunders (SF Chronicle, 010503). Both articles point to the successes of Saxon and then describe the passion and hostility with which the program is often met.

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